Set for Life Financial, LLC is the evolution of a 10-year-old marketing and product development company that was founded to sell customized debit cards programs, merchant services and non-insurance benefit programs to direct sales companies, employers and affiliate networks.

SFL’s debit card programs streamlined the process of paying thousands of independent contractors all across the U.S. and Canada with the program we called “Pay without Delay”. Our clients did not have to generate, stuff, stamp and mail paper checks saving them tens of thousands of dollars in administrative cost.

In our first few years we issued thousands of payroll cards with over a million transactions annually. We discovered some common threads among our cardholders:

  • They wanted and needed a simple way to track and manage their finances (preferably all in one place);
  • They didn’t have a way to “apportion” the money they made into different categories that would be meaningful (i.e. savings, giving, retirement accounts, debt pay-down, business expenses, taxes, etc.) so that they could set and achieve their financial and life goals, and;
  • They also wanted and needed access to financial education to make more informed decisions for them, their businesses and their families.

Because of this tremendous need for financial literacy, and simple money management, SFL is creating an online community combining debit card accounts with world class financial education and a financial management suite. Our members have online or mobile access to all of their checking, saving and investment accounts, financial education and other products.

They can manage their financial lives in one place without complicated spreadsheets, set and achieve goals without the stress of trying to write down or remember every transaction they make.


Set for Life’s Vision is to build a trusted, generational brand by being in the business for the service of our customer community first and foremost and to deliver the tools and resources necessary for people to move their financial lives forward.


Our management team and partners bring decades of successful experience in prepaid products, financial services, financial literacy education and technology innovation to our company and products.

The SFLMoney Virtual account and SFLMoney MasterCard are products of Set for Life Financial, LLC (SFL).

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